Past Clients Have Said


“There is no reason or desire to go back to the way I was living or thinking before.”

JOHN GRADY | Actor & Writer


“My journey was worth three thousand hours of psychotherapy!”

FELICITY HART | Executive Coach


“What I found is hard to put into words because of the immensity of the experience. It brought me to the core of my existence. I came back a lot lighter in many ways.”

CONSTANTIJN TILANUS | Teacher, Percival College


“I realised that I was capable of being brave and that most of the things I fear are not as bad as they seem. My journey taught me to be who I truly am.”

ZOYA MUFTI | Student


“I have learned that there are more answers between the lines than in the words spoken. I listen to what is said in silence.”

CO BERENDSEN | Natuurlijk Leiderschap en Innovatie